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LOXO creates events and designs. Our demountable and reusable walls, combined with sheet material, banners and stickers, provide flexible solutions for each and every event.

LOXO is highly versatile: consider VIP areas, press walls, room dividers, presentation walls, congresses, dressing rooms and points of sale, as well as standard concepts and signing. LOXO can be deployed for short-term, long-term and semi-permanent periods.

Explore the unprecedented options by LOXO®

Standard concepts or a customised design

LOXO has various concepts and themes to be used for your event or in your interior, and each concept can be adapted to suit any situation.

A solution can be provided for each space because LOXO’s options are infinite. Working with you, we can create a design that fits your requirements and expectations.


LOXO can be finished in various ways. We can, for instance, provide the system with standard panels available in various colours. If required, stickers can also be added for a desired branding or signing.

Then there is the option of a finish using cable banners. LOXO avails of standard themes to be used, but the banners can be printed full colour to tie in with any look. We are happy to create a suitable design.


LOXO is simple, quick and user-friendly, allowing you to mount and detach the materials yourself. If you do not have the time for this, we are happy to do it for you.

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The special properties of LOXO® frames

ease of use
strong and robust
easy to link
a sustainable solution
ease of use
strong and robust
easy to link
a sustainable solution

Opt for a LOXO® total concept

Feel free to present your project query to us

If you have a question or an idea, we are happy to consider the options in consultation and translate your query into a concrete proposal.

From idea to concept

We can develop your idea into a complete concept. We visualise the plan in 3D so you can see the final result beforehand.

Realisation at each location

If required, we can realise your project on location, for which everything will be delivered completely finished.

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The LOXO® selection has the proper solution for each situation

LOXO® has a large number of basic frames in addition to solutions for special situations.

The system is extremely multifunctional and allows us to find a solution for every application. We are happy to discuss what we can do for you.

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